Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do as the Romans do

It is amazing how much things can change for a day. Yesterday I had an internship with the World Health Organization. Today: not. Yesterday I was doing independent research on the HIV prevention in Ghana. Today: not. Yesterday I was stressed about my computer not working. Today: not. Yesterday my hair was brown, today it is auburn and purple. Yesterday I was the one of the lead roles in a play on campus. Today, I am arranging my trip to the FESPACO film festival in Burkina Faso, departing the day the play opens. Allow me to explain.
My once coveted internship, originally postponed, I am not forced to dismiss. My boss is currently on health leave and even when she does return in 6 weeks, I discovered her job is all business and no outreach. It works out, I knew I couldn't handle a desk job and that is what I would have been given.
With this new development, my research project was disrupted as WHO was going to be my main source of information and resources. So, no HIV research. What then? Well, that brings me to FESPACO. But first, the play. I auditioned for a play on a whim and got one of the lead roles. It is called Blood Wedding and would have been a joy to participate in had I not serendipitously come across an advert for the FESPACO festival. It is a pan African film festival held biannually in Burkina Faso and I was first introduced to it by a friend and while I was unable to find much information about my abilities to attend online, I forgot about it until I saw a faded print out on an office door in the dance department. It turns out, the enthusiasm I had for the play was far far far outweighed by the extent to which this festival is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Burkina, here I come.
As far as the research goes, I am trying to make the best of missing one week of school and will be researching and first-hand-investigating the festivals role in the country's history and present... or something like that.
As far as the hair, I got it braided: When in Rome.